A Once-in-a-Lifetime Hike

17 thoughts on “A Once-in-a-Lifetime Hike”

  1. This is one of the best trips I’ve made. Preikestolen is indescribably beautiful! You seem to have got a sunny day! When my friend and I went it was gray and cold and windy and we were simultaneously sweating from the effort or climbing and freezing from the cold weather. But like you said, it was all completely worth it! Even though my legs stopped working after (literally! I got out of the car and fell down cos my legs couldn’t carry me!). 😀

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  2. I do not doubt that at all. One of the best trips in my diary too. I often think of how surreal it all was. Gray and cold would have had its mysterious charm too 🙂


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  10. My goodness, it is awe-inspiring! Well done to you for making it to the top and for getting the left foot over the edge!! I doubt I would be that brave. I might have to crawl over with only my head jutting out…..


    1. This is both our favourite hike, Amanda. I will never forget the feeling of the entire climb. Adi was a braveheart for carrying on despite terrible cramps seizing his legs. As for dangling my legs over the edge, in that moment, I was crazily inspired. That’s all. Not to be repeated. x


      1. It does not need to be repeated. On memory is enough to last for a while lifetime and then the photos keep the memory alive!! At least that is what I often say to myself. I have heard about the grueling nature of this hike but more so the trek to the troll’s tongue!!


      2. Oh that is one missed one! Trolltunga. It is on my list… one to be savoured. Norway is my other happy place after England. We clearly share it as a common love. 🙂


  11. Wooooooow! What an amazing trip. The view from pulpit rock looks stunning. I am so impressed with your bravery too! I wonder if my husband would be more accommodating with the idea of sitting at the edge like sitting at the dinner table. I have a feeling, he’d want to keep me my terrible balance well away from the edge!

    p.s. I see what you mean about the photos, but you can still tell that they are gorgeous!


    1. Thank you lovely! You did perch yourself at the edge…so I think your husband has dealt with that. 😉 I will have to redo those photos. I do not like my editing work on them. Some of them are ghastly.


      1. I think they just got compressed in a strange way. If you resize them for the website, that should fix it.


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