Stressed in Stresa

4 thoughts on “Stressed in Stresa”

  1. I could feel the blue yet beautiful desolateness. Sometimes, I yearn for it. I would love to travel on my own some day, with nothing but a camera and a backpack. Until then, we are the family everyone avoids at the airport queues because of our zillion pieces of luggage and one chatty toddler!

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    1. Har har har D, a chatty toddler is fun! Well, when she grows up and has her own life, you can always do that. It is liberating.


  2. I can literally feel the pain of having to wait around, while reading your post. I have to say though your photos are beautiful and while we had snow in the mountains, apparently that was unusual for tis time of year too…we did not encounter any on the lake shore. Sadly the islands were full of tourists during our visits but we did get to see both the Palazzo and the garden on Isola Bella, they finally reopened after the renovations. We did enjoy both islands, they are absolutely beautiful, each in their own way. I do hope you will get another chance to visit them, maybe next time when it’s warmer and not on your own.

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    1. I have no gripe with travelling on my own though I do end up missing my husband dreadfully, if and when I do. Those islands required someone to romance them with if you know what I mean. Had I not missed the palazzo and my husband, I might have enjoyed it all a bit more! Amen to the lovely thought of yours. Thanks for reading too 🙂


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