Bremen’s Fancy

14 thoughts on “Bremen’s Fancy”

  1. Great article! You are right the cakes look so fancy. It looks like I missed something huge. By the way, great shot of the Marktplatz. Just like a poster! When I was there, the square became a huge construction and the beautiful City Hall was a mess 😦

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    1. I hate it when I travel and get to see scaffoldings. Just kills the mood a wee bit. I am sorry to hear that. Gives you the incentive to return to Bremen and see it in a better mood and tuck into some of those cakes 🙂 If you live in Hamburg it should be quite easy to get to Bremen. Lucky you.

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      1. I agree. They spoil the atmosphere of a place and I remember them almost everywhere in Europe! Something or the other is getting restored somewhere which though is not a bad thing if you think of it 😛 I loved Hamburg. The cafes snagged me. I did this fabulously silly thing of doing a harbour tour by boat in January. I could not speak for hours after and I actually had to find a cafe to thaw myself in. Oh the mamorkuchen!

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      2. Hamburg is much more beautiful in summer. But you should never take the glass-covered boats at the Alster Lake during summer 🙂 They look fancy but they are the moving sauna.

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      3. I believe you have been scarred by the experience and hence the knowing advice? I am better informed now. I am sure Hamburg is as is Schleswig where I lumbered up one morning and I will never forget that bone-and-mind-numbing cold too. Some summer I shall land up there 🙂

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      1. My pleasure! The post is long, but I don’t think it is way too long. Your post is like a more elaborate version of mine. And I found it is really interesting because you covered places that I haven’t visited yet, for example, the brewery and the coffee house 🙂

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      2. Thank ye 🙂 I always find that I have missed something or the other. For example in Bremen, I walked so much all over it and spent all my time inside it that I did not go to Bremerhaven. And I could easily have because I stayed for six days. Now it means that we both have incentive to revisit it.

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