A Spell Called Venice

12 thoughts on “A Spell Called Venice”

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  4. A fantastic post. Fog and sun and colours and Venice immortal…
    Sans too many tourists.
    We went… 20 years ago. I’m not sure I could take the crowds any more…
    One of my cousins rents a house in Venice every summer. He and his wife spend a month or two there.
    Cheers ma’amji.


    1. This was such a long post (apologies). I had to read it again to refresh my memories. It was so beautiful. We often think of it and want to step back in a jiffy. However furiously cold it was!

      Two decades is too long to be away from Venice, non?

      A Venetian summer every year sounds like a dream. One that is making me green. 🙂


      1. Green with “jalousie”? 🙂 It’s a choice. You either go one place or the other. Since we live in Mexico I’ve made it a rule to go back to Paris once a year. But, we try to mix it with other destinations: London, Italy, Brussels,etc.
        Maybe Venice will on our next shortlist…
        (And I can imagine the furious cold!)


      2. But of course. Emerald.

        Europe once a year is a must for upkeep of the soul 🙂


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