The Little Corner Apartment, Budapest

13 thoughts on “The Little Corner Apartment, Budapest”

  1. I love that rustic look, but sometimes the naked bulbs are a little bright for me. That picture across the lake really makes me shiver, good thing you had the mulled wine. When I was living in China, we went to visit Beijing in the winter. The discovery of a small bar around the corner from our hostel that served mulled wine really made our stay. What great way to warm up. Great post, glad I stumbled on your blog.

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    1. ’tis is an interesting experience to have lived in China. Nothing like mulled wine. I averaged three cups a day in Budapest. Btw, that is not a lake, but a field frosted over 😉 The sight had a similar effect on me. Also, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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      1. It was a very interesting experience, I hope you check out some of my blog posts, I’m trying to portray as realistic of an experience of living there as I can! Mulled wine is not commonly found in China, so it was especially exciting to find it. Field or lake, you’re brave to be out there in the winter!

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      1. It’s not a travel blog per-say, it’s a blog about living and working in China. My end goal is a book on my experiences. There’s so many travel focused jobs, I thought I’d try a different twist on living over seas. 🙂 The posts are all up under “the blog” but I am currently editing, and re-posting, so anything new is under “The story”.

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  2. Shall definitely check them out. Given Chinese winters, I bet mulled wine would be more than a welcome thought. I quite love winters actually 🙂 And, thank you for the follow too!


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