On the Sand Dunes of Sam

13 thoughts on “On the Sand Dunes of Sam”

  1. Beautiful pictures. The desert is a beautiful and terrifying thing at the same time. I too have often times felt extreme anger and sadness at the way humans choose to treat animals that are helpless to overcome our power. Hopefully one day we will find new and better ways!

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  2. Branding techniques are pretty universal i guess. Never did like it either, but i guess we can micro-chip animals now for ID.
    Ive only seen kids posing like dead bugs, all four extremities up!
    My ride to sam was on a rental motorbike… theres a couple jaisalmer story on thinkinkadia? Thanks for the follow!


    1. You are welcome. Branding techniques might be universal but watching it is quite painful I assure you. The animal however would not however complain much with spray paints, tagging and microchips. I would rather that than primeval techniques such as branding.

      Motorbiking down the deserts of Sam would be quite an experience.

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