Vintage Sundays

15 thoughts on “Vintage Sundays”

      1. Yes, it’s a cosy Sunday. We spend half of it in the garden and the other half in kitchen where our dear Master?was sharpening our knives ?and polishing the silver cutlery for Dina ? to take photos ?Stillives is her new theme.
        Have a happy ? week ✨?☀️
        The Fab Four of Cley

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      2. That does sound like a busy and lovely day. I am sure you have made Dina proud of your buffing-up-the-silver talent. I like to admire and sigh upon the output of my husband’s silver polishing or he pouts 😀 A fruitful week to you too Fab Four of Cley.

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  1. Loved the historical photos of the Native People. Edward Curtis’ photos documented so many tribal nations that have unfortunately disappeared or integrated into other cultures. The same happened to the Tataviam people that we showed in our video and blog. Thanks for sharing your images.

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    1. You are welcome. They grabbed me when I was out postcard browsing during my travels in Washington. I love such portraits too because as you rightly point out – they are an insight into a kind of life that has almost been phased away. I remember your post that featured the Tataviam. Enlightening for me 🙂

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