Reminiscing Sundays

13 thoughts on “Reminiscing Sundays”

  1. The fine folks in the Pacific Northwest of the US have a unique take on the English language. Many of my friends and associates from Washington and Oregon use words and expressions that I often do not understand. Even their pronunciation of some words leave me puzzled. For example, in Canada we “wash” our clothes; in the Pacific NorthWest, they “warsh” their clothes. Another example is as follows: “let’s go dink around downtown…”; meaning “let’s go hang out downtown”. In Canada, a “dink” is part of a man’s anatomy. One only needs to use their imagination to understand the American expression 🙂 Lol.

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    1. You are welcome, Miriam! 🙂 Always a pleasure. What happened to all that land? It is fantastic that you did own all of it. Is there a story there? Seattle is gorgeous. I mean Mount Rainier itself does it for me.

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