Antique Hunting in the Wolds

19 thoughts on “Antique Hunting in the Wolds”

    1. You must miss it? I know I shall with all my being when I am not here. It is one of our favourite things to do on any weekend when we are feel like window shopping, which inevitably turns into shopping 🙂


  1. Love your descriptions and the bits of overheard conversations! But my favorite is your sentiment here: “I had hit jackpot and I could have carried it back home if drab matters such as practicality and price could have taken a hike.” That is how I feel when walking through any good store, especially kitchen/cooking stores–I think my heart skips a beat!

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    1. Heh thank you 🙂 You get me. Kitchen stores are so much fun too. I have to struggle not to give in. Like there are these Emma Bridgewater ceramics which are gorgeous but also stunningly wallet breaking. It is always the same reaction after – eye them, examine the tags, gasp, come out empty handed.

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      1. That is always the saddest feeling walking out without the satisfaction of buying something you love. But then when the gloominess wanes, there is triumph in your self-control! (and of course more money saved for traveling!! 🙂 )

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  3. Wandering through antique shops or antique malls is one of my favorite pastimes. Do they have antique malls in the US, where multiple dealers rent space in a large building.I’m always disappointed when I can’t find something to buy in a store crammed with good junk (as we call it in my family). We all have the collecting gene. 🙂 I love your photos.

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    1. Thank you Marie 🙂 Well, I went to this lovely little town called Snohomish near Seattle. It had such pretty vintage shops. I have just been to the Pacific North West, that too a teensy bit of it…America is like a giant. I might take a lifetime and not see even half of it.

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      1. I often took visitors to Snohomish when I lived in Seattle. Great antique shops there. So true, it is a big country. Many places I haven’t visited yet. Airports don’t count. 🙂

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      2. So you know Snohomish too 🙂 When you love certain things you will find your way to them no matter where you are. I got the lay of the land, so to say, only when I stepped into America. I mean I could not comprehend the size of it even from the atlas. Just goes to show that geography was not one of my finest points in school :-/


  4. I can imagine myself being in this shop for hours on end. The old books alone would be enough for me. It seems to me that the previous centuries just had such an appreciation for details and creating beauty in everyday objects. Love it.

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