Cirencester Under a Colourless Sky

22 thoughts on “Cirencester Under a Colourless Sky”

  1. That gammon or hind leg of pork and egg looks delicious. Unfortunately, as one who watches their fat and cholesterol intake, I would settle for the chicken also. If the Brits in Gloucester ate that every day – they would be dead from heart disease before 40 🙂

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    1. It was. Sometimes you should go by looks. Who knows if the Brits aren’t? 😀 My husband loves it a Lot. On weekends he wants onion rings, fish n’ chips and gammon kinda diet. I do not even try and dissuade him 🙂 But to balance him out, I can go for a boring old chicken any day.

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      1. When you are young, and handsome (like your husband), you can get way with eating just about anything. When you reach middle life, the pounds (kg) come on quickly. No point in training for cycling if I do not watch my diet also. The greatest motivator for me to watch my diet are those infernal hills and mountain passes, where every extra ounce of weight works against me 🙂 Pro cyclists who are climbing specialists and grand tour contenders look more like greyhounds for that reason alone. I love our chats!

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      2. Thanks 🙂 I badger him enough and that is because it has to gradually slow down at some point. You are an avid biker? That is excellent. We biked up and down one 30 per cent incline path in Devon a few summers ago and I have not got over it yet. It was ghastly but I do love biking because it is all I did as a child on long summer evenings in Calcutta. And I always look at pro cyclists btw, every time we pass them by, and wonder if I can ever make myself get there. Haha, I love the chats too! 🙂


  2. It’s beautiful, even under the drab skies. I will pass on to a friend who is visiting there in May. I had to laugh at your intro. I can so relate living here in Vancouver. The sun has made only repair appearances since late September. I’ve learned to embrace the elements and usually feel good getting out for a soggy hike. Great outerwear and a hot shower help. I wouldn’t mind spending some time in that lovely inn! Great post and nice photos!

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    1. Thank you Caroline 🙂 The food at that inn was lovely. Your friend might like it but there are much prettier villages and towns. I shall post them by and by. The area is gorgeous and if she/he is visiting in May, there will be yellow rapeseed fields everywhere. Yes, I carp once in a while about the elements but I too love it, no matter what. I do not mind the nip in the air and have been caught in so many downpours when I am out running in the park that I have given up by now!


  3. I laughed a little bit at the “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes” comment. In a way, I can almost agree with him! It looks like you had a fabulous time though, even with the drab weather. 🙂

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