Sundays To Clear Out the Rust of the Week

19 thoughts on “Sundays To Clear Out the Rust of the Week”

  1. Really interesting postcards…I get emails, texts, photos, and FaceTime, but rarely postcards anymore. Sometimes the stamps themselves are the most valuable possession, at least to me. Enjoy your Sunday.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Vice versa. Postcards are vanishing treasures. I buy them for myself and often address them to myself. A bit kookie but then that is just me. My brother has a stamp collection back in Calcutta. I used to be banned from touching them but I bet you know a thing or two about what we do when we are told what to do… Have a lovely Sunday yourself. Cheers.

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  2. Nice blogpost. I won’t use any exclamation points here 😉 Loved the postcards. Enjoyed the glimpse into the past and how people entertained themselves. The shadow puppet card was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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