Sheep-y Sundays

Albert Einstein was not off the mark when he said that in order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must above all be a sheep oneself. I had a sheep-like personality in the growing years of my life – till I reached Delhi and the city decided to do me a favour and rip it off. Naturally you would forgive me for thinking that I stood a chance of bonding with those precious bundles of wool.

Now, I have tried to be friends with all shapes and sizes of them. I have talked to them, I have cajoled them to come closer and then I have chased them to be friends with me. In all my time of roving the English countryside, I have to admit sheepishly that I have been an utter failure. Here are some close encounters with the Swaledale sheep that roam around the northern dales of the Yorkshire with their curved horns, healthy frames (they are not fat, they will let you in baa notes) and black faces. I deemed them the J J Ramsbottoms, just because they looked like J J Ramsbottoms.

2017-03-26 11.03.21 1.jpg


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2017-03-26 11.03.08 1.jpg


This is also peak lambing time in the Blighty. Everywhere you look there are tiny lambs in duos and trios, innocence and curiosity in their eyes, and a skip in their steps. A lamb gambolling around green pastures in the wake of a busy ewe (why with chomping on grass which they do even through snow) is one of those sights in life that is bound to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. But before that you gotta contend with the mother looking around the corner, watching out for her wee ones.

2017-03-26 11.03.02 1.jpg

2017-03-26 11.02.58 1.jpg

2017-03-26 07.30.20 1.jpg

And now I shall sign off my sheep-laden weekend with bitter ales brewed in the Yorkshire dales that we have brought home with us. We never leave bottles of beauty behind. Hic hic.

47 thoughts on “Sheep-y Sundays

    1. Thank you but am trying not to fall out of my seat 😀 Ha ha ha ha. I am glad they reach across to bleating hearts and yours especially. I shall give them your love next time I meet (chase) them. The power of puns – not to be underrated 😛

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      1. Ha!! 😊 Thank you!! Not many sweet-faced sheep for me to chase around here, and I have been trying to be patient until I get to Scotland in 2018 (where surely the sheep are eagerly awaiting my arrival!). But I’m glad to know you’ll chase them in my stead til then. 😊

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      2. Yes the thing is that those snotty woollen bundles are way more agile than you. Even with all their girth they can run down slopes way faster than you. Unless you were a goat in your previous birth with the memories of your agility stored in the grey cells. Which I am discounting that for the time being, I suggest you start running up and down slopes to make sure catch them for me 🙂 I have given up x

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      1. Dig on then 😛 Let the bones bear the brunt of it. I am not even contemplating the fragrance and sight that awaits you. But I shall definitely send some hartshorn to revive you if you do faint.

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      2. Oh my oh my. “Bear the brunt”. I am just getting smarter talking with you. I shall leave the shovel today and crawl warm into my cozy blanket holding a wine as the death continue to rest.

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      1. I shall try and not drown in the fountain. May that 9-year-old’s cupcake/cake shower dreams come true. I have foretelling genes in me body and they are not going anywhere. So you wait and watch.

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