Crackpot Hall on the Dales

22 thoughts on “Crackpot Hall on the Dales”

  1. I love that it is your fault your husband wore pants and was hot! It is always my fault when my husband gets a sunburn! 🙂 But I think the overheated legs must have been worth it, because it looks like a gorgeous outing!

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    1. He has just lost his GPS holder and assorted chargers and that is my fault too 😉 Grown-up children have to be dealt with of course. Sigh. But you are right, it was a dream-like day and overheated legs and feet are to be resolutely ignored 🙂


  2. “The name Crackpot is considered to be Viking”. It is common amongst my Norwegian-Canadian family to poke fun of ourselves for being half-crazy and always doing things the hard way. Now I can claim that being a “crackpot” is uniquely Norwegian as a descendant of those wild men and women affectionately referred to as Vikings. Uff Da! 🙂

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    1. Heh 🙂 The Yorkshire Dales are quiet especially on regular weekends when I suspect no one has the time to drive up to the north. So it does seem like you have it to yourself along with a handful of locals 🙂

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  3. I feel like I could sit by those babbling streams and twisting tree roots for hours just writing, reading, listening to music or having a good conversation. Oh, picnics! Your photos are beautiful, btw.

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  4. Another amazing post! Always look forward to reading about your latest adventure! I’m heading to the area in a few weeks!…. Can only hope the weather is a nice as it was for you (very doubtful for Englad) 😉 x

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    1. Oh yes, if you find blue skies and sunny days, treasure them like pirate’s gold 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful words and thoughts. I am humming The Carpenters – Top of the World. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you x

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  5. Beautiful pictures! It reminded me of The Revenant setting, without the snow and with a lot of sunshine (appropriate for shorts) 😀

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    1. Thank you, Virginia 🙂 Yeah thank god for no bears though. Realised that much later. The shorts bit that is. I can never figure out how to dress when I go up north because I always feel cold!


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