Spicy Egg Bath for Your French Toast

73 thoughts on “Spicy Egg Bath for Your French Toast”

      1. Dude (I do not usually use it, certain situations exempted), but I am an Indian. We probably have competition only from the Mexicans 😛 Unless you have been eating a lot of spicy curries during your growing-up years. I had a phal curry in Ambleside, Lake District, and I decided not to judge the British after that.

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      1. It has very often, opportunity here in Berlin, with shopping of special foods demanded there are fish with garlic as in Egypt or general case in mediterranean area it is with fish dishes inseparable in IT kitchen also all starter, in connection with lemon both are vitamin Rich times-time.

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      1. But this thing of customisation kills Adi. Because whenever I end up in a restaurant or an eatery, I like to ask for options or specify how I would like a dish. He Hates it. So customising things can also come with a risk of pissing off the partner and coming across as difficult. But what the hell – I still do it.

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      1. Ha ha ha…good one. I did not know that my species liked green chili. Perhaps I would love the green beer on St. Paddy’s day also. Top of the evening to you!

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      1. Oh yes the vadas are delicious. The only problem is I cannot stop stuffing myself with them :-/ What he makes is sabudana khichdi. I can endless amounts of that too! Now you see why I try and not keep it at home always. But now that you put me in mind of it, I shall go to the Indian store and buy me a bag 😀

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      2. You are so right!!!! But not in your case- in my case 😛 I celebrated my 30th birthday few months ago and since then I’m only putting on weight. My 30s have started quite bad…. 😛

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  1. I don’t want this. I need this. Seriously late night raid the cupboards and the fridge and sling it together before collapsing in a food-coma, need this. Thank you – I hope to see you on the other side

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      1. Oh how I love free-falling play with word conversations. YOu just earned yourself a follow (not a stalk) which I am certain will make your day ?

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