38 thoughts on “Tuktuk”

  1. Oh my friend, this is a really touching story!! I am writing this while Rosa is on the couch, doing her little cries because I don’t let her go outside and bark like crazy. I can’t imagine my life without her, she’s my baby. I’m sorry you no longer have your beautiful dog in your life. Happy birthday to him!
    (This is totally out of context but I need to mention how crazy I am about kebabs!!!) xx

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    1. Tuktuk and you would have bonded over kebabs then. I am crazy too about them. So you see, it was easy to bribe my way into his heart. He needed no bribe however to make his way into mine 🙂 Thank you for reading, Cheila, and empathising. He would have given you a massive doggie hug by pressing his head against your lap. Every time I go to my in-laws’ I do think he will come huffing and puffing through the bedroom door. A big hug to Rosa 🙂 xx

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      1. He seemed to be a very loving dog. Rosa is like that too!! We keep saying that she is no good for a guard dog, she would lick the robber and demand belly rubs!

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      2. Ha ha ha. Well Tuktuk was quite possessive too. I love this story about how he almost bit one of Adi’s former girlfriends 😉 That made me bond with him even more instantaneously. I think the robber might take a little break for such a loving girl to give her a belly rub. I would. Not that I go around robbing houses.

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      3. That is indeed an Indian name. It was inspired by someone’s name, my mother-in-law had told me. He was the best baby to have come into Adi’s and then my life. I wish I had met him earlier. But I guess there is a time and place for everything in life xx

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  2. That was such a beautiful heartwarming blogpost. Tuktuk was a wonderful friend of yours and such a good sport with the cute costumes! Thank you for sharing his story with us. Happy Birthday Tuktuk.

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    1. How did you know?! He does. At least in our thoughts. Whenever we are out in the country on long walks, when I am in the park where I go for long runs, he is always on our minds. We often wonder how he would have reacted to certain situations, other dogs, ice cream shops…Thank you for the lovely words.


  3. Wonderful tribute to your Tuktuk! It never seems fair that such good friends and companions as dogs have such short lives compared to ours. Definitely leaves a hole in your heart when they are gone!!

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    1. Thank you Caroline 🙂 Yes it is a cute name. Did justice to his adorable self. I am sure he must have thought I was bonkers to have put an eye-patch on him and how firmly his eyes were trained on the cupcakes 🙂

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  4. Happy b’day sweetheart tuk tuk!! I can imagine very well just how much joy you must have brought to everyone around you, in your life-time. Will think of you when I make kebabs next and will put in a loving b’day prayer for you today. Enjoy your party up there today. Lots of kisses on the nose! ❤ :*

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