Up and Down the Yorkshire Dales

45 thoughts on “Up and Down the Yorkshire Dales”

  1. Narrow roads too! We have wider bike paths than that in Canada…just saying :-). My spouse is an English/Welsh Canuck…so we have to get back to visit GB sooner or later. Cheerio my lady!

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    1. The heartening part is that cars do see you – trudging away on the slopes – and out of sheer sympathy and goodwill they shall not pretend that you do not exist. So when you get back to the country, you shall not surely fret about the width of the paths. You might just have biker faster 😀

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    1. Hah, fatty food you shall always get generous doses of. I was made for lovin’ them 😉 Thank you for reading and commenting, Osyth. Trust you are having a gorgeous day. It is so lovely and sunny for a change in Northampton and I am sure hoping that it continues into the weekend (one can only hope).

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  2. Beautiful pictures as always. I’m curious about The Black Bull sign, is that meant to be upside down? It confused me when I first saw it 😀
    Also that chocolate biscuit cake looks delicious!!!!

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    1. You have had a tipple too few, darlin’! 😉 I think you should take a look again. Ha ha ha. I am just messing about. It was indeed the way you see it. Just tells you what it does for its customers. That chocolate biscuit cake was. Of course, the husband poked fun at my gluttony, but I will be a darned glutton any day than miss out on such goodies in life.

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      1. I would spend so long staring at that sign thinking I was seeing it wrong! XD
        And I would be the same, I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass by to eat something that looks that good!

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      1. Samsung has been doing an excellent job with its camera. My husband is a staunch iphone loyalist, yet he eyes mine. Now he is torn between the Samsung S8 and iphone8. What did you upgrade to?

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      2. Ha ha ha, well what do I do. An eye-roll? I cannot help it. Conditioned by my husband’s loyalty to it. But look out for S8. It is certainly something, and unless iphone 8 does something radical, it might just lose some loyal buyers to Samsung 😀

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