Candy is Dandy in Burano

60 thoughts on “Candy is Dandy in Burano”

    1. You always have something to look forward to for the next instalment of Venice. One cannot have enough of Venice, no? I met a German there from Frankfurt who had already visited Venice 20 times. I could see why.

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      1. Yeah Murano was another one on the list for next time. Must be incredible to see the glass blowers at work. It’s such an interesting craft. I’m not sure I would go there 20 times, there are other places that I love far more but we’ll definitely be back for more…

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      2. Twenty is a bit much yes. The world is vast and there are too many places on one’s list. Personally I liked Burano and Torcello more than Murano but it is entrancing to see the kind of talent you witness. That man must have had reasons to get back to Venice that many times, I believe.


  1. I love the colours! A reminder of a beautiful summer yet to come…summer shirts, shorts, and sandals – and, of course ice cream.

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  2. I love Venice and visiting without taxi-ing out to the islands is a wasted opportunity. You capture the idyllic colours which instantly lift the spirits so well. It’s only a 6 hour drive from here … I rather think I should moot a trip with my husband. I’ll show him the picture of yours scoffing 2 gelato to help my case ?

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      1. Caught on camera will do it every time ?… I’m working on the plans now and will present when he gets home Wednesday. Fresh of a flight, missing me – seems like the time to hit his vulnerable spot ?

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      2. ‘Cept there’s a glaring typo in the first word which is supposed to be Mais (but) and instead is mis (put) … but you knew that 🙂 Flawless? Moi? Absolutely! 😀

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  3. Yes, the pictures are beautiful. I’m so glad I read this. I would be terribly disappointed if I visited venice and didn’t know this magical place existed. I’m so excited to get there one day.

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      1. Much more.. you think my garden holds only sheep bones? As a kid, hearing that truck pass, it was the best thing in the world. God… We will be talking about ice cream forever…

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