Friends for Days

11 thoughts on “Friends for Days”

  1. Flattered! And being a total and very cheap tart I unhesitatingly accept the challenge/prize/bask in glory/whatever else fill in gaps …. I am away for a few days hence deafening silence on blog but will whip up an acceptance and pay it forward storm when I return with a thud to my version of reality at the weekend. Bisous xx

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    1. I have missed you! Come back quick? I am off for a holiday this weekend so cannot wait enough for it. But I do not want your thud to come by too soon either, so here’s a wonderful Easter weekend to you. Bisous 🙂

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  2. Hey there VIP-dotty girl!! I’m so happy that you did my Tag!! I’m so proud of seeing my logo on your page, I shall make some popcorn in order to celebrate it!! Now, seriously, I will happily check all of the blogs that you suggest! I think I only know Dolly (and she is such a sweetheart) so it will be fun to explore the others. Thank you so much for your suggestions, my dear!! super xo


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