A Day at Horniman

29 thoughts on “A Day at Horniman”

  1. The Horniman’s such an incredible place to visit. We went for the dinosaur exhibition last year and while it was informative the stuffed animals stole the show. We could have spent hours there. If I wasn’t already married I would consider the conservatory as an option for a wedding location, especially with such a beautiful garden surrounding the museum, especially at this time of year. We will definitely be back to explore it again.

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    1. That conservatory is indeed a beautiful wedding venue. Especially on such a crystal clear day. You could redo your vows there 🙂 It is a lovely place, Horniman’s. I did not expect it to be, so it was even more of a bonus. May you enjoy your trip to Horniman 🙂

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  2. Looks like an interesting, quirky place to visit. Your story of getting lost and reflection back to teenage years in Calcutta is funny (yes those absolutely gorgeous cherry blossoms must have made you feel better).

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    1. Cherry blossoms are great to take away the misery of being a goof and wondering if you will ever make it to your destination. I have so many stories of getting lost, but the Calcutta one is a champ (I was such a cow). Imagine going with a stranger to his house. But, if you get the chance, Horniman’s is not too bad 🙂


  3. What a fantastic place! Wish we could visit right now. It reminds us of a place that used to exist near San Francisco called “Sutro Baths” but that was burned down in the 1960’s. Mr. Whippy’s Nobbly Bobble ice cream looks irresistible. 🙂

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    1. I looked it up and its architecture is indeed quite similar to the conservatory at Horniman. Sutro Baths is way bigger though and has such a gorgeous location. What a pity it is in ruins. Your last thought is noble. Shall we raid it then? 😀


  4. Absolutely love your writing! Oh you’re not alone Arundhati, getting lost is a skill I have mastered. On a straight road, I could forget the way. Btw, my sister was quite excited with your visit and comments on her site, the Canada treading lady. Oh and do I spy a Mr Whippy? So that is what you were talking about!

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    1. Thank you, Danny, and I am glad to find kindred souls on various fronts of life. Sometimes getting lost can be okay – but only on hindsight. Fancy that, she is your sis? That is lovely to know. Hah, you spotted the talked about truck of goodness 😀

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      1. When getting lost, you see places​ you never intended to. Oh yes, sister in full-blood. You should get to know her, her characteristics can surprise you. Goodness, ice cream. Yes. ?

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      2. On hindsight, it is entertaining and enlightening indeed. But like they say, then it is all 20-20 vision. Would love to get to know her 🙂 Which we shall by and by. You have a wonderful Easter hey!

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