Guide to Gaping: In London’s Financial District

42 thoughts on “Guide to Gaping: In London’s Financial District”

  1. These are definitely gape-worthy sights and I love London for its wonderful, unique, quirky architecture. Your photos are amazing. I really like the contrasting styles of the Gherkin and St.Andrews. That insurance building is quite something too. Makes me want to visit London again!

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  2. I love the Gherkin building. Mostly for the name, but also once I kept staring at it, it really resembles a gherkin with its shape. That’s amazing. There’s so many shiny buildings, I don’t think I could stop staring at them all. The buildings are all so tall. I would be mesmerized watching all those lifts go up and down in the Cheesegrater building too. Also, who names these buildings? They get such cool names 😀 😀

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    1. Giant gherkins and graters – really quite a work of imagination, right? What’s not to love 😉 They are affectionate terms from locals and city workers. I know that The Cheesegrater came up via an owner of a cafe in Hammersmith whose husband works in the building x

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  3. Some really interesting facts about the history of the area which I had no idea about! Most places around the financial district are expensive 😦 But I guess it’s expected, infamous ‘London Prices’ and all… I actually went to the Sky Garden last week and the views were stunning, I’ll get round to writing a post about it soon haha 🙂

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  4. Wow, those are some massive buildings. I’m more of a country gal but I can definitely see the beauty in them. That cheese looks amazing and the bread looks like Portuguese bread, which is really good too. And you look tall! Are you tall girl? I’m 1,58 cm so I worship tall people. If you’re over 1,75 cm you become a goddess to me. Great photos, my dear! xx

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    1. Cheila, I ask tall people for extra inches. No one lends it though. Boohoo. I am just about 5’4.5″ so no hopes of that. No worshipping gonna happen here. Yes I love the country too first but cannot deny the tug of modern architecture once in a while too. That cheese was creamy and so tasty, superbly mature cheddar, and it was sourdough. Actually in Portugal all I had was lots of seafood, fish and pastries so I missed out on the bread. Sigh. But thank you for the sweet comment, girl xx

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      1. You’re taller than me anyway so you can totally boss me around!! What do you mean???? You need to eat ” Pão de Mafra”. I’m sending one by mail!!!

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