Biryani and Postcards

56 thoughts on “Biryani and Postcards”

  1. I don’t know if I had this when I was in India. I would like to try it, though I’m not sure what mace or caraway seeds taste like. I noticed there is no cumin, which is yummy. Fortunately, there is a halal shop down the road from me that sells all kinds of spices that you can’t find in Japan. If I’m feeling adventurous someday, maybe I will try to make something like this.

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    1. Hey Jen, your tastebuds will thank you when you do 😉 Mace has a nutmeg-like touch to it and lends a delicious flavour to certain dishes. Caraway seeds carry a warm and peppery tinge. You might have tried biryani but a different form of it if you were not in Calcutta. I can vouch for this one with my greedy foodie genes x


      1. It sounds yummy. I like Japanese food, but there are hardly any spices used in it. Of course, it’s delicious in it’s own way. But this post inspires me to make my own food and put all the spices I want in it. I’ve been a bit of a lazy cook lately…

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      2. I am lazy quite so often.On particularly active days, I cook extra batches and freeze them for my lazy days 😉 Or I make salads. I have tried Japanese food but my repertoire of cooking it is zilch. So maybe one day if you put up recipes I shall try them out 🙂

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    1. Oh gosh, a fellow paper chomper *hugs. Sorry, I got a bit excited. I have not come across many of our breed you see. Thank you for the kind words and that biryani is dangerous. It makes you forget all kinda restraint.

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  2. This sounds amazing! Maybe I will get up the nerve to make it, but most likely I’ll just head to one of my favourite Indian restaurants. Cornwall at Easter sounds like fun. I have not been there since I was a little girl. I am hanging out in rainy Vancouver (the long range forecast calls for a glimpse of sun on Easter Sunday). Enjoy your holidays!

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    1. Happy Easter to you Caroline. I will send a thought for you – may those rain clouds just scoot. It sounds intimidating, but once you get past the prepping stage, it really is easy sailing after. I will put up photos to take you back to Cornwall virtually and you can tell me how things have changed since you were a wee girl x

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      1. I will look forward to your Cornwall photos. My dad was a german POW there in the mid 40’s. Despite the circumstances he was really taken with Cornwall and he was treated very well. It always held special significance for him, and now for me too.

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      2. You fascinate me with your memories, Caroline. Thank you for sharing it. I do like to believe that places hold memories in them and yours is surely still there waiting to be re-visited by you. Now When are you getting back to Cornwall? 🙂

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      1. A very innovative friend used to teach me calk carving and then we would make tiny ships and bottles – so lots of naturally deposited chalk powder all over the face and hands – not to mention blade cuts all over the palm 🙂

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