Frisky Border Collies and Cornish Byres

30 thoughts on “Frisky Border Collies and Cornish Byres”

  1. I love your slightly off-topic ramble at the beginning XD I used to love sleeping in, but now I tend to get up at 6am even on weekends. I’ve become an early bird to my younger self’s horror.
    Also these photos are gorgeous! I was scrolling through my reader when I suddenly saw a whole lot of yellow. That photo of you in the flowers is so lovely!!

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    1. Thank you, sweetheart. I think we share that genius isn’t it? But I do tend to go far off topic. I appreciate early mornings a lot now. Funny how perspective evolves as the days go by 🙂 How is your Friday going? xx

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    1. Ha ha ha, Raj and Simran would never be far away in the mind, eh 😉 Thank you, it is truly cherished, every long weekend. Time to get away to the country which we love above all. So are you snoozing away the weekend? Friday looking good? xx

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  2. Good post! I liked the pic of you grinning or smiling amongst the yellow. It reminds me so much of our family farm and the canola and mustard fields. Speaking of movies, have you seen the “Lion”? The movie was adapted from a non-fiction book “The Long Way Home” by Saroo Brierly. You would love the lead actor in this one 😉 The movie had both my wife and myself sobbing with many tears…

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    1. Hi Bruce, thank you. Grinning right back at you on a cloudy Cornish day. To be surrounded by such yellow, how can I bellow? I am yet to watch ‘Lion’. I would like to catch up with the book first, but since I have a huge pile of books to go through I shall watch the film before reading the book, I suppose. Now that you say that it moved both of you, I shall sign up for it. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  3. I find your writing hilarious, I love it! Border collies are such gorgeous dogs btw…. but well-meaning yet annoying neighbours? I have a few who like to tattle if I try to sneak in or out – very, VERY annoying. Great post! x

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I cannot mind this particular girl at all. She is single-minded about what she wants. Belly rubs. That’s all. You should probably swap her with one of your neighbour’s. I shall send you Meg’s address. Don’t tell on me though x

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  4. I LOVED the top photo with the yellow flowers in the field – and you? In fact, all your photos are especially engaging. Thank you for posting them! And as always you have a gift for telling your personal story especially well. My favorite part might have been the problems with being single and everyone trying to marry you off – but also loved the part with the dogs. Thanks!

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  5. I have seen many pictures of Cornwall countryside posted by the bloggers residing in this beautiful part of UK. I must say its picture perfect. I haven’t yet visited UK and Cornwall is definitely a place I want to see and capture. Your post just reconfirms its beauty! 🙂


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