A Walk in the Cornish Woods

25 thoughts on “A Walk in the Cornish Woods”

    1. Thank you, Nisha 🙂 The Carolinas are gorgeous from what I have made out from photos. Would love to explore them some day. My husband studied in North Carolina so he always tells me about it. Would love to see your part of the world in your posts 🙂

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      1. I’m sure you will love it like your husband said , would love to read the travel diary post and your perspective when you explore here 🙂 am yet to take pictures this spring and will surely post when I do!


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    1. Hee, yes it is just the right place to get some quiet. You might even fall asleep by the quay and wake up to find that you dreamt of your novel just like Coleridge and his opium-induced dreams of Xanadu 😉

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  2. Oh this place must be so lovely! Amazing photographs!
    Concerning the waistband of your jeans- I feel you!
    Currently my jeans are screaming out to me every morning 😀
    But I love scones, they are too delicious to be left out… 😀

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    1. Tee hee, I am therefore getting back to my scone-less routine starting today. Cannot feel fat for long without working on it 😉 Thank you for the compliment. It is such a beautiful place – it lives in my dreams now.

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