Slow Monday

49 thoughts on “Slow Monday”

  1. I was just admiring the cliffs of Cheddar, and was thinking that they would be great to climb…I scrolled down a little bit and voila! Rock climbing British style. Not quite the ten pitch climbs (Chinaman’s Peak) of the Canadian Rockies, but it will do 🙂 I still have my climbing gear…can you send me a plane ticket…Lol 🙂

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  2. It was previously named Chinaman’s Peak but the name was changed to be less offensive. Anyone who climbs though, still calls it by its original name…damn the PC police!

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      1. I have no idea…is it offensive to say Englishman? I doubt it….oh wait, maybe one MUST say Englishperson??

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  3. Gorgeous pictures full of clouds, blue skies and fields of green…all my favorites! Makes me feel like I can breathe easily. I’m loving all your travel stories, even when you’re traveling back home.

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  4. “Then we had some more conversation about how we all choose our paths in life, how it is best to do what you want than giving into the paths set out by others”

    couldn’t help but noticing we have pretty much the same opinion about that 😉
    love your style, can’t wait to read more, keep it up! 🙂

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  5. I’m going to say what others have said, but your photos are too beautiful not to chime in. You know I’m a fellow cloud lover, so this was great for me. I’m just dying to visit these quaint little countryside villages. I feel like my heart needs it. When planning a trip to England, I’m going to plan along with your blog. You’re doing a beautiful job sugar pie.

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      1. I’m positive I’ll be sighing at every corner. Maybe I’ll carve our initial into a fence post. Just kidding. I don’t need angry British famers hounding me. We’ll think of something.

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  6. Those cliffs are stunning! The cloud pictures are my next favourite in the photos 😀
    Also, it’s strange that the postman sent it back to your house, rather than to Cheila. At least you know what happened to it now 🙂

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    1. Yes and I have resent it, this time having stricken off the lower bit. May no intelligent postman come across it now. Aren’t the cliffs just? And the clouds, sigh. Now you know why I am a cloud chaser.

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  7. You are very good at meeting random people on your travels and finding out fascinating tidbits of information about them. Definitely not something I’m not good, so I will imagine what it is like through your stories. I would like to visit Cheddar someday…

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    1. I do not mind a good natter once in a while 😉 Most of my days I spend like a recluse in good old Northampton (I really like the quiet life now), so when I gab there is no stopping me. Plus when I meet talkative people who are interesting, I love listening 🙂 When you visit England, do look up Cheddar. You might be spoilt for choice when making an itinerary though 😉


    1. That is okay, you make me guffaw plus you are always there for me. Lest I do not say it enough, I appreciate that a lot, K. May you get to climb those cliffs one day and dance in those green fields with your three boys xx

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      1. I can honestly say right back at ya. And hey, there is good therapy in laughter, all the way from the little chuckle to the obnoxious chortle, and up to the hearty guffaw! So really we are providing each other a bit of free therapy. It’s a good deal. And goodness, the boys could do with some climbing and running and dancing–tired boys who go to sleep are also just as good as therapy for me, haha.

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