Catalogue for the Dandy Traveller

34 thoughts on “Catalogue for the Dandy Traveller”

  1. You had me at Georgette Heyer and Beau Brummel! I used to work in St James’s Place by the way, just a spit from Jermyn Street …. it is such fodder for an imaginative mind and I was forever an 18th Century beauty waiting for some handsome buck to sweep me off in his Phaeton.

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    1. Oh you got me with the 18th century beauty and the buck image. Sigh. I was in that state of mind perpetually while growing up. You must be as fiery and gutsy as her heroines so you would slip in effortlessly, Osyth. Did that make you want to time travel back to St. James’s Place – even for a wee while? xx

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      1. To that thought, let’s take a few hearty sips of wine and a big chunk of cheese. I can quite imagine a Georgette Heyer heroine arriving in the modern world today and doing both of the above with gusto 😉

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      1. I’m from the UK so I’ve travelled all over, but I used to live in Liverpool and Leeds – both really cool cities!

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    1. Cheila, the rule: Beauty shall not go unnoticed. Really, do not tell me you commit the cardinal sin of not admiring a good butt and the rest 😀 Yes, I do bully him at times, I confess, but he gets his back on me too, so he is no underdog, I promise ya. Btw I spy a lamb meat lover in thee, my dear 😉 😉

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      1. Hahahaha I do admire many butts!! Women’s butts, to compare and see how fat my butt is. Men, I admire the whole thing usually in movies or series and I tell Mr. R “See, THAT is a man” hahaha There’s bullying going on here as well. Nope, I hate lamb, I just think your poor husband needs a diet defense lawyer 🙂

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  2. Forgive me if I am not a fan of this particular dress. I shudder at what the women were expected to wear. Tight things and balloon dresses that took an hour and many strong hands to lace up. It’s interesting to see the rules of fashion from a hundred years ago.

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    1. Imagine not being able to eat enough thanks to a constricting corset. That is my first concern regarding the thought of being a female in those times. But I do love the frills and laces a bit too much 😉 I tried on an old dress with a metallic hoop skirt (which stuck out of the hip considerably and looked like I was wearing a boat) at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London recently. Her tiny daughter looked at me in amazement (because it was bloody odd). But we have to thank our lucky stars that what with things coming back in fashion, the hoop skirt has had such a makeover.

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      1. Oh very. I could barely move and it felt so awkward. Women, for the sake of beauty and feminine charms, did weird things. I can see from where sister suffragette came in to the picture.


    1. Imagine saying that to those men with perfectly trimmed moustaches, waistcoats and silk shirts 😀 I think if they wore monocles, they would surely fall off at the thought! But oh lord yes, we are blessed to rest easy in our modern takes on fashion.

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