Into a Norwegian Artist’s Retreat

45 thoughts on “Into a Norwegian Artist’s Retreat”

  1. I thought the introduction was very hilarious, and when I got to the end and saw the pictures I couldn’t help chuckling ?
    Your pictures reflect an unseen beauty for myself, which I tend to visit warmer weathers. Hope the cottage was as confortable as it looks 🙂

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    1. The cottage was a dream. I shall put up more in the days to come by. Thank you, Virginia, Els was hilarious herself. A post about her cottage and her personality had to be the real picture. I love warm weather a bit actually (I am from India so you can imagine my shying away from too warm places;)) but I have a weakness for Norway among the Scandinavian countries.

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      1. Looking forward to those pictures, half curious as an architect too! Are you sure you are from India after living “in the North?” ? I will definitely ask you for some tips when I make up my Spanish mind about the weather in Scandinavia!

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  2. My biggest regret (I exaggerate but it is a large regret) is turning down the opportunity to spend the summer on a Norwegian farm when I was in my late teens. Your gorgeous pictures and great script remind me and cajole me into thinking that I really must make the time to go …. and that is a great recommend for Els and Charlston’s cottage 🙂 xx

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    1. Aww thanks, Osyth. Your comment makes me think I should send the link to her. It shall not be a regret however when you do go and bank yourself on a farm by a fjord. The teenager in you can live it up in style and I think Els and you might get on like a house on fire xx

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      1. More haste, less speed – apologies, I’m being an airhead (I specialised in this art from a young age) …. I re-read your comment and YES you should send the link to Els …. she would love it, I am certain. It is, as ever written with such warmth and humour and gives a lovely picture of her as well as her place. Go to it and ignore my previous tosh, please! Xx

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  3. That lake is stunning!! It’s so gorgeous, in a small way it reminds me of NZ, with all the green and blue. But we don’t have all those charming village aesthetics! At least, not the places I’ve visited. That cottage gets the best views, it must have been an amazing stay 🙂

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    1. Yeah the fjord on which Els’ house is gorgeous. The views just soothe the soul. Maybe you have a point about the charming villages alongside (you would know) but the photographs I have seen of NZ show great natural beauty. Someday I hope to explore its gorgeousness xx

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      1. Els says, don’t dismiss it in winter too. It apparently is gorgeous and not as cold as you think it might be. This was August when we were there and it gets rainy yet you can reap the rewards even on grim days. As you shall soon see 😀 xx

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  7. Norheimsund is a magical place and your photos attest to its beauty. I think you found the perfect place to stay. Such a gem! I can imagine waking up to that view; one would never tire of seeing it. It may sound trite, but all the stress just melts away, even when viewing a photo of that area! Wish I could return one day. Els farm would be a first choice to stay.


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