Country Hiking in Norheimsund

77 thoughts on “Country Hiking in Norheimsund”

    1. Thanks 🙂 See now that makes me feel a bit heartened. Waist-deep crossings, yikes. I would have turned around too. It takes less to make me abandon such ventures though this is the only one so far. I hate that gnawing feeling that comes after.

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    1. That is a wise decision to turn around when your mum was not feeling up to it. I doubt you would have had. Adi teases me by commenting that I want perfect conditions for climbing and hiking. Unfortunately it is a big yes for me! And I cannot stand the thought of leeches :O


    1. The county of your origin sounds exciting. It apparently has 8 of the 10 highest mountains in Norway which makes me want to go hiking there. I had to look it up. I love Norway too, Patricia. Nature is just spectacular in the country and the Norwegians know how to not mess around with it.


    1. Mostly it was Adi doing his best to freak me out. But he did show me fat leeches lying around! That just did the job of making me scoot. Can anyone be okay with leeches you think?! 😉 But the countryside views were worth it. Even though we abandoned it during the course of the morning, we did land up with a bit of the gorgeous landscape.

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  1. Wow, the photos have breathtaking views. Sorry about abandoning a hike. We have done that. But we were not able to enter into a rainforest area in Australia passed Cape Tribulation, because it required 4-wheel drive. We only rented a small car, the size of a Mini Cooper! So we had to turn around!

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    1. Miriam it was a most wonderful dream. By the sound of your story, it does sound like a wise decision. Sometimes we have to switch on our common sense and let the adventurous streak in us take a back seat. Btw I just looked up Cape Tribulation and the rainforests – they are fantastic!! I shall remember it them and make a note straightaway.

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  2. You would never catch me hiking so no, I would not give up on a hike. I can imagine you being a little girl and going all “oopsie, bad rock” and the fit, muscular old man just running up past you. Were you really being eaten by leeches?? I would be way gone after the first one had touched me.

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    1. HAHAHA. Trust you to make me guffaw in such an unladylike manner. I did a fair bit of that and Adi was stealthily recording all of it. I realised much later what he was up to. He has recorded such embarrassing videos of me sliding down the rocks there :-/ I was not touched by a leech, eeks, no! I was shown very sweetly by my husband though, a fat few bad boys lying around.

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      1. He says in a goofy voice, “She got me!” 😛 Silly Billy is sitting next to me, chugging on his e-cig and being his usual self. I confess he is fun 99 per cent of the time, unless he is grouchy. Then I just leave him to sulk and stride ahead 😉

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  4. Beautiful pictures! I love Norway!! These pictures reminds me my days in cruise ships which we used to travel in between these valleys?. Thanks for all these beautiful shares. Looking forward for more amazing posts.

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    1. Hello there Sumith, we are kindred spirits then. Norway is one of my favourite countries and my travel there has always been rewarding. You are fortunate to have sailed between those valleys. Thank you for the lovely words. Cheers.


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  8. Ooh I am not a fan of leeches either! But I am a fan of Norway and Norheimsund. I recognized a few of the spots in your photos (smile) and the bridge – been over that a few times now. It sounds like you regretted only getting half way on the hike! Yet your photo don’t evoke disappointment! Rather they evoke majesty of nature. And there is always a reason to go back to Norrheimsund, if nothing else than to finish the hike!


    1. Hiya Amanda, thank you 🙂 You found one of my favourite posts. And in a jiffy I am back there. In those Norwegian woods, with leeches and sheep and my beloved. I hate abandoning hikes and have rarely given up on any. So this did make me wistful, but as always something makes me give up on disappointment at the end of it all. You charted the same path as I? Well, we have crossed paths somehow over the bridge of time. x


      1. I have a few places in mind. But first, the Lofoten Islands. 🙂 This time it is going to be Paris and the Christmas towns on its outskirts.


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