Northampton to New York!

60 thoughts on “Northampton to New York!”

  1. I am excited about that, too, curiously. I can’t wait to see how you discover places in a place that I think I know a bit myself. And since I always shall comment on the photography in your posts, allow me to say that this one is particularly sweet. Safe travels!

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      1. I am not getting you wrong, hun. I need green all the time so I might feel suffocated at times but then I have decided to find some green parks around and spent a Lot of time soaking it in. My heart is sad even though it is excited at the same time. A strange dichotomy.

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      1. Well we are not going to be living in the city but in Jersey city and around I think. The hunt for apartments/houses is on, Theresa, and I am already pining for the comforts of Northampton. I am ready to crawl back home.

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