On Almost Not Making It

77 thoughts on “On Almost Not Making It”

    1. Hey Gracie, I did. I shall look into it again. The thing is with all that is happening I am struggling a bit with time. If you give me some time, I can do it. I would not dare say no as I have already ben warned 😉

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    1. Hahaha, that is funny but thank you 😀 I can foresee his goofy smile at that. The food might look weird but trust me it was much better than the average fare they dish out in BA nowadays. And yes, we are glad to have made it across and then walked the streets of Manhattan with our jaws dropping here and there. The jet lag is making us get up and and retire early, so no complaints 😀

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  1. Welcome to the concrete jungle! I have been so many times on the M1 in your situation that is hard to think when was the last time that I wasn’t – as you perfectly picture – hyperventilating in the back of the car. I feel you. How did the first few days go?

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    1. It is a most annoying situation to be caught in – that is an understatement as you would vouch for it too. These last three days have been interesting – I have been veering between the urge to run back to Northampton and gaping at the tall buildings all around us like a country bumpkin, apart from meeting all kinds of people 😉 I shall post about it tomorrow in detail 🙂

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      1. I am glad to read that New York is already proving to be different. Stay strong ??
        Looking forward to reading about it tomorrow!

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  2. The M1 is notorious! My family and I had a similar experience…. So close to missing our flight to Florida! We had to have an escort through the airport… Although it wasn’t all bad as it meant we missed all the queues haha

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    1. You were immensely lucky. I think my parents have been scarred for life and there is no budging them from the fact that it happens regularly in London (according to them) 😉 I do not think there can be questions about the goodness of missing out on queues! x

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      1. Hahaha. I think up north where Jen hails from is spectacular. Whatever little I saw of it last time I was there. I shall make sure I explore her stomping grounds too. Thanks and oh how we need that bit of luck x

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    1. Thank you my lovely lady. I have a few already but this house hunt is driving us up the walls. As it should. So I shall get cracking with the posts asap 🙂 Norwegian’s food made the day for me especially after BA’s dreadful meals.

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  3. Can’t get enough of your way of writing…it’s hella fun!!! And of course, I’ll remember not to sniff at those sugar snaps 🙂

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    1. Haha I am sure he was. I am going to maybe go for a Sex in the City Tour too. When I am a bit settled in. I mean why not, right? It is okay to be a little frivolous. Norwegian Airlines is actually a good one to try out if you like exploring new and cost-effective ways of flying 🙂 Thank you, I am glad I made it too! xx

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  4. I feel like I was there with you ! I love the way you tell your stories !

    And you’re right, it’s important to always look at the bright side of the situations life put us through 🙂

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  5. A little late here, but so glad you made your flight. Kudos to you for enjoying the scenery when in a time crunch. I would have been clenching my teeth and spending all of my energy on quelling a meltdown. Gah! But hooray, you made it, and chemically-spiced salmon aside, your meal looked pretty good 🙂

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    1. Heehee it was delicious. Maybe the chemicals added their bit 😛 See the thing is I could not imagine I was actually leaving England, so that last minute of greedily soaking up the rural scenes was just habitual. Of course the difference was that we could not stop for a pint. All for NY 😉


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