Mountain Farms Mantled in Mist

79 thoughts on “Mountain Farms Mantled in Mist”

  1. Incredibly beautiful images, Dippy!! They are so moody and cooling. I feel like putting my front head on the monitor to feel the fresh air and cool down as I follow in your steps. Aaaaah, wonderful, it works. It’S boling hot in the Rhine Valley 38,5°, phew.
    Hugs coming your way from all four of us.
    Tomorrow we’re in Norway too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Aw I have heard that it is steamy hot…well you get to cool yourselves tomorrow in the wonderful Norwegian air then, tomorrow. Something to be said for having multiple homes. You can time your escapes 🙂 Hugs sent right back!

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      1. Non non, a library please! Even though there be a personal cubbyhole at home. It is my place of refuge for when I feel low. Seeing that others find their solace in books too 🙂 I cannot pass up on coffee shops. Something about them gets me going. Maybe all those desserts and the sight of others tucking into them along with me. Sinning together is better 😛 xx

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      1. My daughter and son-in-law went on a backpacking trip in Europe. Flew into Norway then went south all the way the Athens, then went back north to Ireland and London? before flying home! So I hope to go to Norway. Can the northern light be seen in Norway?

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      2. Oh yes it can. The best place to see it is Oslo or you go to the Lofoten Islands which is a dream destination for me. Someday maybe I shall make my way there. Your daughter and son-in-law had quite the adventure I am sure. The stories they must have had…xx

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      3. Oh yes, she lost her wallet and called me in the middle of the night our time. My phone was downstairs. She got a hold of Will’s mom. Then in one country, they missed the train, too late to find a hotel and slept in the train station! They had quite an adventure!


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  3. Wow! Now this is one of those adventurous hikes I’d love to take! The very last picture is my favorite, that’s a beautiful shot! Mist sure did help making these photos come out so nice?

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      1. Oh no, exactly the opposite! It looks so perfect!
        I can’t stand warm sunny places with no scenery. Norway looks like the kind of place I would never want to leave. 😉

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    1. Thank you Kathrin 🙂 I just swung by your blog and realised that you are moving to London. Wish you all the best with it, moving countries is Big, but I think you will love it and Skye will be at hand. xx

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  4. The mountains in Norway are always so impressive and have magnetic appeal for me. Mesmerizing photos that make me long for Norway again. One can really see the shape of the trolls faces with their bulbous noses in the mountains. These mountain farms are spectacular but life must have been very hard. A wonderful place to visit.

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    1. As you observe Amanda, they are magnetic. I feel the same pull towards their magnificent presence, and oh, if only one could turn back time. I think of it all the time. I like the way you imagine trolls staring back at you from those mountains with their impressive folds. Their bulbous noses…no wonder I have a weakness for trolls! 😉 Thank you for drawing me back to these posts and a singularly delightful time. xx

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