Guest Post: Saskia’s Adventures in Seville

70 thoughts on “Guest Post: Saskia’s Adventures in Seville”

  1. Wonderful blogpost. The Seville Cathedral is so beautiful and ornate. The statues on the tomb of Christopher Columbus look like they’re about to speak. I wonder what they would say if they could? Such a lovely city – so historic and modern. Thank you for sharing it! – Neek

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    1. Thank you Neek. All Sophie’s photos and account. I am just the channel 😉 But yes the statues are so intricately carved. I was wondering about the claims of the Spanish about Columbus since the Dominican Republic lay claim to his remains too! I wonder if the statues could clear our doubts 😉

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      1. Yes! You’ve inspired me to research this and it seems as though some of his remains might be in the Dominican Republic but they refuse to have the DNA testing done. The Spanish remains have been verified with the DNA from Columbus’ brother Diego’s remains. Never knew this! Thanks for sharing this fascinating bit of history 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful post and it prompted me to dig about in @theoldhouseintheshires glorious blog …. what a beauty! Seville is one of my husband’s favourite places – he has yet to share it with me. This serves as a smart reminder that it is long overdue!! Xx

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      1. HB2 has a fine line in just ignoring – he suddenly gets very interested in a stone or a plank of wood, I find. However, we have more than eyes in our armoury Mrs Dippy, do we not 😉 Cake, I mean, obviously … xx

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      1. I did not know about the end of the world theory but that he wanted to prove that the world was round. And that the ancient Greeks had got there before him 😉


  3. Hey great post.

    I live in Seville and would agree you have chosen the best places, spot on. Didn’t know the Metropol parasol was called that, I only know it as the Setas (mushrooms) which the locals call it.

    Was an interesting read as most of the places you mentioned feature in the novel I’m about to publish, might be of interest if you enjoyed Sevilla.

    Looking forward to reading your next post.



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