To Gibralfaro

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  1. There is a wonderful story of Picasso that was told me in Malaga but is nothing to do with Malaga. He was on a beach on the côté d’Azur on his own just sitting. A couple with a young child spotted who he was and sent the little tot over to ask him for his autograph. Picasso smiles at the couple and takes the pen from the child. He turns the child around and draws on her back. Her whole back and then signed his work and sent her back to her parents. He raises his hand and smiles then leaves the beach. Can you imagine? What an elegant way to say ‘if you want something, ask me yourself, don’t send your cutesy kid to do your dirty work’. So they are left with an original Picasso which will wash off at bath time if the sea doesn’t do it first. The man who told me the story is Malagan born and bred. He was as proud of the story as if he had done the deed himself! Another fabulous post full of joyous evocative pictures and wonderful prose. Chapeau my friend, I have loved this series xx

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    1. What a wonderful story indeed. Picasso was a man of great wit then. I would have loved to see the parents’ faces when they saw their child’s back. Your Malagan friend sounds cute 🙂 I would have been as proud I believe, first to belong to such a beautiful city, and then, to have such illustrious residents. Thank you Osyth. I loved the anecdote. xx

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  2. There train station makes ours here look like a third world country. I also like to think that the people of the city, those hedonists, looked out over the walls of their city and were equally thrilled. It really is drenched in color isn’t it? These images make me think of the film Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s an excellent film. And one of the things I love most is how they portray the beauty of the hilly and rocky countryside.

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    1. You know, I have thought before of watching it if only for the sake of Nicholas Cage (if I am not wrong). Now I shall surely watch it and look out for the images…thanks Lyz. It is funny how places in any part of the world may recall unrelated images and descriptions. Spain is indeed drenched in colour, as you put it beautifully.

      The trains are superb. They are spotless, with comfortable seating, …and the part that thrilled Adi (only men would find thrill in these things) to bits was that they travel at 300km/hr 😉


      1. Omg, I said there instead of their. Dead. You’ll be so glad you watched it! I almost went to my phone to convert kilometers since I have no clue, but then I remembered I’m supposed to be staying focused. See, a bit of improvement. 🙂

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      2. Hahaha is that a crack at my not obsessing about stats? 😛 I am not a dragon which means that I shall not belch fire if you do check.

        There and their. The writer in you came down upon yourself hard enough 😉 Now you must be resurrected – for the weekend beckons. xx


  3. Your descriptions of Gibralfaro (with the photos to prove it) are as refreshing as the cold glass of beer that you are drinking there! It’s unfortunate that you weren’t able to visit Picasso’s childhood home 😦 but it was fascinating seeing his artwork in an open air area. BTW, is that a high speed train? Looks almost like the ones in Japan. Again, a truly enjoyable post to read – Neek

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    1. Thank you Neek. I raise my glass to that generous comment. I was annoyed too. To stand at Picasso’s door (so to say) and be turned back was a bit of a bummer but I am a survivor.

      Yeah the trains do remind you of the bullet trains, no? More than me Adi was kicked at the thought of the train shooting @ 300km/hr. I was like – just bring on the crisps and I am a happy girl.

      You are always so nice you know. I shall buy you a vat of beer someday. xx

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      1. With the heat being quite unbearable here (110F or 43.3 C), I would gladly accept the offer of a vat of beer! Lex would drink it and I would dive into it! Thank you for always being so kind and generous in your comments and replies. It’s always wonderful to connect with kindred spirits. Take care. 🙂


  4. What a beautiful post and captures, it was a delight to read. A bit nostalgic of the summers I won’t spend in Malaga anymore. It’s important to enjoy things when we have them, isn’t it? (in the good meaning of the word).


    1. Isn’t that one of the best and prescribed ways to see this planet of ours? Now you can indeed take yourself to Spain, gorge on tapas and teach away. Here are the makings of a grand plan. Cheers.


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