Of Sunny Days and Silver Bays

56 thoughts on “Of Sunny Days and Silver Bays”

  1. Your photos are so lovely, this place looks so refreshing. I love the idea of a “salve for the soul” and “otherworldy in its beauty” too. x


      1. You have a fair bit on your hands but love the thought of raking them. The other evening a father and his kids were playing with the hoe and a big pile of dry leaves in the park…the kids were tickled pink.


  2. Antique stores, beautiful countryside with yellow, red, green and brown colors, wonderful story of the origins of vacationing and a reconstructed fort with a disturbing past! Definitely a place that Lex and I would love to visit one day. The Garfield doll with his unusual goatee is irresistible! Thanks for sharing your lovely trip.

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  3. This place looks amazing. I would love to go fishing here. Looks very natural and peacful.
    I live in the SF City and this place looks so relaxing. Almost ready to take the leap and move out somewere like this.
    Thank you

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