In the City of Hearts

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    1. Now I am lost. Adi says it is. I have not been to an IHOP yet. But really the food at Denny’s so far has been good. The pancakes – I could make love to all day (on a very cheesy note) – and the skillet dinners are wonderful!

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  1. Step away from the flavour experiments in coffee …. really, please! Mind you, it’s a good excuse to comfort eat a stuffed croissant (as if an excuse was ever needed). I mentioned a run I did in Worcester last year with a truly caning hill. I was wearing my magic Allard brace at that time after double breaking my leg and severing the perineal nerve in Edinburgh. So I was very unfit but it was a great run for an inspiring cause – here is a link to this year’s run which was actually on Saturday. But irrespective, Holy Cross Academy is lovely set high on it’s hill and worth a visit if you are in Worcester again. It’s a private university (that thing that snooty New England is rather fond of ?). A Ram a diner and a farmstead …. welcome to my dreams my dear Dotty kindred xx

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    1. No flavoured coffees, the Ram, a diner and a farmstead…we are soul sistahs born apart in very varied continents! πŸ™‚
      I had to look up the Allard brace. Breaking a leg and severing a nerve…your only consolation must have been recovering in the dark beauty of Edinburgh. If there is consolation to be sought from anything during such painful times.
      Ah I left Worcester day before or I would have found my way up to the hill and this snooty-patootie academy πŸ˜› But I might get a chance again in the next few weeks and I shall take advantage of it. Hugs. xx

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      1. Nooooo …. I left Edinburgh having visited A&E and been told firmly by the starchy Scots nurse that I had a mere strain. Next day I went by train via Crew to Liverpool and had lunch with my youngest daughter who ordered a wheelchair at Birmingham ((thank heavens). Two more trains and I was in Oxfordshire with my mother for 3 days. Then I flew back to Boston. It was only a month later that I started making a fuss because the issue was getting worse and worse. I was SO fortunate to have great healthcare in the US which sorted me and also that by a sheer fluke the ankle break was healing perfectly by the time they did the MRI. The exploded fibula was responsible for the nerve damage and my lovely surgeon made a fantastic case to our insurers so we got the Allard for $38! I am fully well now but running that 5K was a seminal moment because for a while I thought I would not walk normally again. The best thing is that now I can run and hike with out Allan the Allard and he is safely stowed in the boot of the car as a reminder! Hugs back to you and keep being the brilliant girl you are embracing your new placing and making the most of it. I know how hard it can be. Though if I was told I could have a farmstead and a RAM – now that would change my POV instantly ? xx

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      2. Starchy Scots nurse, mere strain and then an exploded fibula. That sounds more painful than I can imagine. Poor you. How those journeys would have weighed heavy on your injured self!

        Allan the Allard must have been a boss fella but the thought of doing without him would have been a wonderful relief.

        You are a brick as they say πŸ™‚ As you rightly talk about tuning our POV, there are these selling points to trade in for the pints and the sheep. Have a wonderful weekend darling Osyth! xx

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      3. Of course they can ….. hey may not know it but you know the British sensibility is nothing if not adaptable and pliant! And there’s always Scotland … so much space ? xx

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      4. Hmm an old English gentleman once told us how he left London once the Americans invaded town with their working-lunch-and-no-beer-lunch ethics. Shocking. I took a shine to him. Was the spitting image of Magneto.
        Ahahaha Scotland indeed. Tantalising. Adi can be the brown man in a kilt. xx

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      5. I’m sure Adi would cut a dash in a kilt…. Two Brains would never be persuaded because he doesn’t like showing off his skinny limbs (typical physique of a good distance runner) … ??? xx

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      6. Tee hee. Two Brains has two brains. That explains the wisdom of it. I once saw a Scottish cousin-in-law of mine in a kilt, his massive thighs all over the place, and I am ashamed to say I guffawed at a funeral (Adi refused to acknowledge me). xx

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  2. Well, I’ve never had maple anything that seems wrong! Croissants are made for jam, in my opinion. Can’t imagine a savoury filling, but maybe I should be more adventurous πŸ˜‰ . Glad you enjoyed the latter πŸ™‚

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  3. We have a ton of RAM and Ford F-150 truck owners here because of the ranches nearby with horses and llamas. They are quite tough. I could see you driving one down one of our streets but you would need to wear dark glasses and have a scowl on your face πŸ˜‰ A moustache might help too ;-P – Heehee Neek

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    1. Oh you caught me out πŸ˜€ They must be acorns. I am glad I did not do a squirrel on them.
      Those steps are my favourite moment. I stood at the foot of them and thought of all the possibilities that lay ahead. xx

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      1. Lori’s is actually more 50’s. The waitress calls you honey, and you almost expect her to wear curlers in her hair and have a fag dangling from her mouth…


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