Cranachan Cheesecake for Monday

78 thoughts on “Cranachan Cheesecake for Monday”

      1. I keep meaning to bake some coconut macaroons but the oven part of our cooker is broken ? don’t know what we’re going to do about Christmas dinner ??

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      2. Mug an electrician? I mean it has gotta be fixed before Christmas right 🙂 I had the most delicious raspberry macaroons yesterday at Whole Foods and swooned. xx


      3. Unless you are planning to swim across the pond, which might be freezing at the time of the year, I would say forget working them off but come over! Holiday calories did not hurt no one 😛 xx

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  1. Lusciously evil (because I can’t have any) and decadent! You made one helluva cheesecake there Lady! You are a sweet genius 😉 Now, may I have a slice of that please? – Neek

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  2. That looks scrummy! Who doesn’t love cheesecake?

    I am all in favour of customising recipes, the end result is often way better.

    Frankly, if you can’t indulge yourself during your birthday month, when can you?

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    1. Thank you Sheree, the birthday month has to be about pampering the self. The husband reaps the results too.
      Tinkering with the recipe can be good. It has gone the other way too with me 🙂 xx


    1. Thank you ove. It is winter (it feels like it here already) and you know Christmas is on the way. So never a bad idea. And cheesecakes are quite easy to bake even if they ask for a water bath. This one does not 🙂 xx


  3. “Once in a while, when it is your birthday month which will go away all too soon, you need to give into hedonism.” – Oh! What a lovely thought! And, guess what, my birthday is this month as well. 🙂 Good thought for me! And congrats on the wonderful cheesecake!

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    1. When is your birthday, Theresa? Are you a Scorpio or a Sagi? Well it is an affirmedly lovely month then. Let hedonism be your watchword too? The cheesecake hit the right notes for me and I am totally milking my birthday month for what it’s worth 😉

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      1. Ah! Scorpio! My birthday is on Monday! My mother and I share a birthday, isn’t that wild? I’m going for the hedonism. You a Scorpio too? 🙂


  4. I just made Cheesecake for a potluck at work tomorrow. Yes I have to work uggghhhh. If I had come across your post earlier I would made this one and it looks delicious. I will have to keep the recipe.

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