Portraits of Kali and the Family

18 thoughts on “Portraits of Kali and the Family”

  1. How I read this with such amusement and chuckles! Families are not quite as different around the world. What a wonderful family you have and your captioning is a delight! My mother can be quite a handful too! The photo of you and your Baba is precious! Happy Birthday to him! Thanks for sharing your day! – Neek

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    1. Hi Neek, thank you. It is fantastic how familie always remind you about the fact that you do not choose them but hey at least there is never a dull moment 🙂 Mothers are subjects fit for keen study.
      Thank you for the wishes. My father will be thrilled. xx

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  2. Too funny! It sounds like a sitcom (and I mean that in the kindest way). My sister married into a Greek family and she tells me stories not dissimilar to this. Happy belated birthday to your father (nice photo of the two of you). I’m having a mid-afternoon lull and seriously wish I could reach in and have the payesh…wow that sounds good (and the cake too!)

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    1. By now I would like to believe that I know this much that you are not unkind. Far from it. Thank you Caroline for the words and the birthday wishes. My father will be chuffed.
      A Greek family! Your sister must be brimming with stories to tell.
      Payesh is a good choice, and hey whenever (if) you are in Calcutta, you have an open invitation to pop by my parents’ for a home cooked meal. xx

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