45 thoughts on “Mevagissey”

  1. …post about Mevagissey. We stayed in Penzance last week and visited many lovely harbour villages and this one resembles Porthleven. Well, a bit anyway. 😉 Cornwall is gorgeous, different and you have captured the spirit very well. Please excuse my misspelling in the first comment, it went off, just like that … it should be “well written” of course …
    In St Ives, I had a sausage roll in my hand walking through the narrow streets, but not for long. The gull took it before I realized what was happening. Serves me right. A few minutes prior to the incident I made a photo of “beware of the thieves in the air!” and laughed. 😉

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    1. I sauntered around Porthleven a long time ago and it is such a pretty place. You are right, its inner harbour does make you think of Mevagissey’s. You were there last week, is it? I am envious 🙂
      Ahahaha, that was a hilarious image of you walking in St. Ives with a gull in your trail. Hmm…they are mighty thieves alright. There’s irony written large over that photo of yours then, Dina. Thank you for the generous words of appreciation. xx

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  2. Cornwall is beautiful part of UK. Few years ago I had pleasure to visit The Eden Project it’s between St Austell and Par. Near to Mevagissey you can find The Lost Gardens of Heligan, it’s interesting place and worth to see.
    Have a nice day 🙂

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    1. Thank you Nisha. Cornwall’s charm lies in these fishing and erstwhile smuggling villages that can whisk you back in time with no effort. The happiness quote is bang on, if only we could remember it. 🙂 xx

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      1. I’m quite behind in reading and posting also. I became a new grandma four months ago. I’ve been busy with my granddaughter. I used to do two posts a day, now I only do two or three posts a week.

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  3. British seaside villages are always so quaint and atmospheric – I’ve never been to Cornwall before, but your photos and description are drawing me in for a short break. And of course, what’s not to love about that adorable pup with his pasty! Fantastic post as always xx

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  4. I could just smell the briny sea air and the oily fish fry! All of your photos are marvelous but the one I love the most is the pooch with it’s little greedy mouth filled with a pasty ;-). Didn’t know that Pears soap is from there. We have them here too. Great post – Neek

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    1. I knew everyone would get Pears 😉 One of those well-travelled soaps.
      Thank you Neek, for imagining it all, the food, the briny sea smell and the little boy with the pasty! He was our favourite too.
      I hope the flu has fled. xx

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    1. Thank you AJ. I do hope you will make it to Cornwall one day for it has an immeasurable charm that is its own. We watch a lot of travel shows, do research before getting out of the door, and sometimes, we just go with the flow. Take lanes and bylanes spontaneously. xx

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  5. Such a cheerful shot of the rows of houses on the cliff, and the harbor with its many-colored boats is cheerful as well! Thanks for the lovely travel view of another small place in Cornwall!

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