Guest Post: Traditional Dubai

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Traditional Dubai”

  1. Great idea to have a guest post. Lovely to read a blog about Traditional Dubai. Anyone visiting the place should try to see some or all of these areas. I have and my favourites are the desert, Dubai Creek and the Spice Souk.


  2. Nice to see the traditional side of Dubai , had been there for a visit many years ago but didn’t get to see this part of it ! The spice souks look fascinating.


    1. They do indeed, Nisha 🙂 Thanks for the comment on Neha’s behalf. When you return to Dubai, you can always add these to your itinerary. xx


  3. It’s funny how you think you think you may know a place from the tales we hear fro friends and family; about he indoor ski centre and the tall, tall buildings. About the shopping centres and the big cars. These tales have, I’m afraid, put me off journeying to Dubai as I love culture and history. This post enlightens me indeed! What a lovely post. Xx


    1. You have me there, Sophie, for I used to visit it as a child since we lived in Oman. But I remember nothing of it except the malls and tall buildings. And this was in the early 80s’. So I do not mind seeing it again. Naturally when Neha wanted to do a guest post, I was selfish in that I wanted to know about this different Dubai. 🙂 xx


  4. Dubai is a glorious city in the world but the desert safari is most thrilling tour in Dubai since 1980 . This is a great post and great team work .


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