Clingsman’s Dome: The It Place in the Smokies

47 thoughts on “Clingsman’s Dome: The It Place in the Smokies”

  1. Wow! Clingman’s Dome looks like a futuristic teleportation station. So glad you stayed for the sunset. What a display of gorgeous colors and clouds. It’s as if there were a battle of day not wanting to give way to night. – Neek


    1. You clinched it with the last line — and I could not have put it better, Neek. 🙂
      Clingman’s Dome does look rather fantastic. As you put it, futuristic and a doorway into another world. Thank you! xx


  2. Woot! Yay that you kept going!! It must have been tough not to gloat that you had the right idea about continuing on to the dome! 😀

    For some reason the first time I tried to see this I could only read your words, not see the photos. I had to refresh a couple of times before I could see what you`d just described. It actually made it even more exciting as I was so keen to see the views. ❤


    1. Hi Josy, hehe, I was tempted to gloat, but for once Adi gave in without fighting the facts.
      Thank you for refreshing till you saw the photos, makes me happy! The memories of our travels are such a wonderful gift, no? 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the week. xx


      1. Your writing made me really want to see! I’m glad I kept trying! Travel memories really are a brilliant gift.

        We’re pretty privileged to have the chance to see all this beauty. We just had thanksgiving in Canada, so I’ll be thankful for that. ❤


      2. Thanks Josy 🙂

        Happy Thanksgiving, belated though. So do you guys lay out a huge table for the day?

        I love seeing glimpses of these stunning Canadian landscapes through your blog and am inspired by the way you both are living it up there. xx


      3. Lol no, we just had a meal with the two of us (and shared a bit of meat with our cat…) Marc made Yorkshire puddings that were sooo good that I ate 4(!)

        So I guess that counts as a very English, Canadian Thanksgiving!!


      4. Yorkshire pudding, ah I am drooling at the thought of those beauties. You ate 4?! 😀 Atta girl, kudos to his pud art then!


      1. I just swung by your post and I am really sorry to hear news that is painful for your family and you.


  3. My oh my, your words made me feel as if I was immersed in the landscape and atmosphere of your adventure. I was wondering what would come of the sunset with all of the clouds and precipitation! What a phenomenon! I love the loon character, totally made me giggle ❤️ And You captured it all so wonderfully, it feels so alive through your telling.


    1. Heh, the laugh was on me for not believing in the magic of the mountains. That ‘loon’, boy from NJ, clearly knew what he was on about. Cheers for indulging my gabbing and leaving such lovely words for me to wake up to. xxx


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