The River Town of Hope

22 thoughts on “The River Town of Hope”

    1. Cheers Lorelle. I think there is more to see there. We could not do it justice in the matter of a day, but we loved our brief time there thoroughly. xx


  1. I love how you photographed the playhouse in the day and night! Such a contrast with the waterfall and the twinkling lights and so beautiful. The wine and food look delectable! Wonderful bit of trivia about Washington. Enjoyed your post! – Neek


  2. Another place on my bucket list. That Victorian house looked like a place I’d love to sketch 😍
    Did you find the credit card? How was that avocado dip, it looks delicious from this side of the screen.


    1. Hello V, first things first. I bet you would do a fine job of sketching the house! It was so charming.

      The credit card was hunted down by Adi finally. He did get Turkish sweets from the man at the Turkish shop where I had left it behind. But instead of being happy about it, he did his best to harangue me. We had a neat little row too while drinking by the creek. 😛
      The avocado dip was Divine. I replicated it when I got home. With yogurt, garlic, fresh coriander, and cumin powder. xx


    2. Another thing, I left some comments on your latest posts (Barcelona and NYC), but they do not seem to have gone through. :-/


    1. Hello Brianji, thank you for taking the time to saunter through. It has been early for us for a long time now. More like seven-ish though. Why, what is the custom at yours?
      And yes, I cannot wait for the hair to grow further. It has been too short for too long now!


      1. Haha! What did your mother say when saw your hair? (Both short and long suit you anyway)
        7-ish is still reasonable. For me dinner is at 8-9. But I remember in the Us some having supper at 5!
        Bon Dimanche.


      2. Ah that is dinner timing in Calcutta for my parents. I tend to eat early.
        My mother was okay with it. She nowadays does not get too vehement about anything I do and has become mellow with age! 🙂 I am not complaining.


    1. Hiya, WP might have forgotten me for my delayed absence. 🙂 Thank you for remembering that it exists. Hope your feet are keeping busy.


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