These Truly Hairy Days

33 thoughts on “These Truly Hairy Days”

  1. Haha I am thinking I will face the same situation soon! My husband has started complaining about his growing hair, and I for one do not intend to do the barber’s work. I tried once and it was a 5 hour long fest, it didn’t turn out that bad but all that for what! Back then there was no Corona either. My husband likes experiments πŸ™‚

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    1. Pooja, consider this my dire warning for all sisters out there facing a similar situation. *shakes her head with concern

      How on earth did you have the patience to spend 5 hours on hair?! I was out in 30 mins. Even that felt like an hour.

      If the husband likes experimentation, promote the idea of a sexy top bun? x

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  2. I love the image of his hair β€˜foaming above his head’ …. I’m afraid he asked for this and will now have to live with it. Hat, anyone? This just made me laugh and laugh. But like the old adage of dropping a plate on the floor if you are asked to do the washing up at the home of a friend, I imagine you will not be asked to repeat your barbarous attack on his pate! Chapeau Dotty – this is a cracker of a tale!!! Xx

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  3. Hi ma’amji. I don’t know what is wrong with WP. It seems to “unfollow” my preferred bloggers on its own whim. Grrr. I was wondering how you were dealing with confinement. How long did the haircut last?
    Stay well, stay safe. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜·
    Phir milenge dost.

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    1. Brianji, I am dealing alright with it. Have no complaints for the most part. Life has been utterly idyllic and I fear am become more of a recluse (if that was possible) — at peace with hair that has not seen the insides of a salon in months. Curiously, husband’s hair is in place. Last, he tried shearing his own hair at the back of the head. Which meant two massive bald patches — and me in stitches when he came to show off his handiwork. He finally needed the wife’s golden touch to set it right.

      How are your fam and you coping with lockdown?

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      1. Glad you take life with a grain of salt. There are hair clippers who do a proper job sans patches. πŸ˜‰ ask your friendly Amazon…
        Coping is correct. We didn’t see our daughters and grandkids for 3 months, then MD daughter #1 and hubby (MD too) caught the virus. Was to be expected. hardly any symptom. a fortnight quarantine, then we are now able to see them and daughter #2 who argued she’d been in complete lockdown. So we also get the grandkids for the day on occasions which is exhausting but lovely…
        Phir milenge, dost.

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      2. He achieved this work of art with clippers. If you will imagine that. And it is a fine set of clippers that I treated his whole head to thereafter. It was most pleasurable (for me). The tables have turned and Adi will not have me anywhere near his hair.

        I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and her husband contracting the virus. It would have been so worrying. Glad to know that the rest of you are hanging in there. As for the grandkids, their job is to keep their grandparents perked up, non? Phir milenge, Brianji.

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      3. He could wear it long for the time being. No prob’
        Actually about their getting the virus, they suffered practically no symptom. Plus they didn’t tell us, so we had no time to worry. And after the fact, it was actually a good news. We could all see each other again. Hurray!

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