About Me

Dear reader,

This is a little note for you, and if you are reading this, why thank you for dropping by.

I am a writer in my 30s, born in Salalah, Oman, and raised in Calcutta, India. A few years ago I quit my job as a senior correspondent with a newspaper bureau in New Delhi, India, and moved to the UK with my husband. We spent time living in the city of Leicester, but our best-loved years in England was spent in Northampton, the town of cobblers (and known for crafting dreamy-expensive shoes).

At the end of a fine May in 2017, it was time to hop across the pond to a quiet town in New Jersey. We are taking it one day at a time for how we miss our days of pottering around the bucolic villages of the British countryside and hopping onto early morning flights for Europe. It is a veritable heartache. A change is not easy, is it? People take ages trying to get used to a new shampoo. Here we are talking a whole new continent altogether. But we are trying to tide over it with quirky American road trips ’cause we share a passion for travel, adventure, food and photography. Someday – and I cannot wait for it – we want to have a family of two big dogs when we have a cottage to our name. Maybe somewhere in a tiny village in Cornwall. A girl can dream.

To keep moving is the great affair of my life and this travelling diary is a record of memories that shall make me smile when I am 80, and you, hopefully now.

Love and sunshine

The Dippy-Dotty Girl




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