A Weekend in Oxbridge

Oxford vs. Cambridge. The eternal debate has been going on for centuries now in England. The two institutions are referred to together as Oxbridge. Last weekend we decided to take a leisurely stroll through them. There was no pressure to explore since we have dealt with that about a dozen times. This included a couple of … Continue reading A Weekend in Oxbridge

Brixton Village

The taco man is a forerunner of the alternative scene in Brixton. In South London is this gem of a food market that gets you the moment you walk in through its portals. Now Brixton Village Market ain’t your corner if you are looking for posh dining and drinks. It has a homey vibe. It is the kind of place … Continue reading Brixton Village

The Uncanny Welsh Story

I do not essentially believe in the supernatural. Even though I have grown up loving the thrill of those stories that make you curl up with dread and lie ramrod stiff on the bed at night. Most of my supply of stories came from the jhuli (Bengali for bag) of my father’s friend. He used to arrive … Continue reading The Uncanny Welsh Story