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I Have Seen Eternity in an Hour Too, Dear Blake

When I head out on a run every evening, I admire the late autumnal bounty we have had here. The leaves are shedding in drifts of gold and burnt red and it is a most poetic thing when they waft around your person. The park is a massive bed of dried leaves gathering in clumps because the cleaning authorities want to keep it clean, but dammit, the trees will have their way just the way I shed hair. The sunsets are golden, pure liquid amber, and everything is glorious or it looks glorious at any rate. The air is razor-edged as the sharpest sabre must be.

Yesterday I felt the brunt of it for the first time. The phone informed me 1°C. A warm beanie, two layers of insulation and leather gloves should have done half the job you would think. I also tucked in Kleenex for good measure because the nose had its own mind and if it wants to make itself felt in the stinging air, I might as well be prepared. The concierge warned me about the freezing air but I just smiled as if to say, I know sistah, but then I ran out and it was an utter douchebag that knocked the wind out of me. Yet I had to try. With wind chill it was about -2°C and I refused to breathe as much as I could help it. Gulls soared, some wondrously floating mid-air upon the river. No one was out on the park except for two joggers in the distance who soon disappeared. That was it. The entire stretch of parks, running tracks, riverfront…they were desolate. The many boys and girls who practise soccer in the fields, play basketball…nada.

And then the wind whipped the Kleenex clean out of my pockets. Twice. It rolled with full speed all over the place and I had to chase it up and down hilly mounds. You cannot dump Kleenex unceremoniously in such climes.

Forty minutes out there… it felt like eternity. 

2017-11-10 07.30.49 1.jpg

So I did what I do best, run to the coffee shop, which seemed to have moved further away than it should on a biting evening. Later at the store near the coffee shop, I was bright enough to buy an early Christmas prezzie for Adi. A giant stuffed polar bear. Obviously they did not have a bag. Obviously I am a doofus. I lugged a big bear wrapped around me along with heavy baking goods, sugar, flour… when my legs screamed at me for mercy, the few people on the road laughing, some saying, ‘How big is he!’ Right. Tell Brilliant Brains about it.

Those 24 blocks are hanging heavy about my neck now. An albatross. It promises to be an interesting winter.

2017-11-10 07.30.46 1.jpg


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