La Bohème Berlin

On a Thursday night, I was in a gastronomic fix. Tucked into the alleys of the hipster district of Kreuzberg in Berlin otherwise known for its annual May Day riots, is a massive hall called Markthalle Neun, where the movers and shakers of Berlin’s burgeoning pop-up restaurant and supper club scene come together. There I … Continue reading La Bohème Berlin

A Day in Dresden

No porcelain was made in Dresden. In my years of growing up I used to see porcelain figurines that carried the Dresden blue crown mark and wonder about the place that could produce such delicate pieces of art. It was only after I went to Dresden, a German city on the River Elbe, last year … Continue reading A Day in Dresden

A Derbyshire Day Out

Derbyshire is quirky. Church spires are crooked. Lanes are marked Unthank and pubs are often dedicated to ‘tickled trout’. Auto rickshaws sit atop porches. Old men sell copper kettles in antique shops and tell tales of men filling kettles with water to hurl them at wives in days gone by. Pet rabbits feast on iced … Continue reading A Derbyshire Day Out

In the Borneo Bubble

It seems a lifetime ago that I was in the rainforests of Borneo. My husband and I had a big and beautiful Indian wedding (about five years ago). If you have been a part of an Indian wedding, you know you need a few tall drinks and a tropical getaway promptly after. Sabah, Malaysia’s easternmost … Continue reading In the Borneo Bubble

Stressed in Stresa

I am hardly blue on any trip. Even if I am making a go of it alone. On an evening out with a friend, over a few pints of beer, I was asked recently, “How do you travel alone? Do you really enjoy it?” The friend had travelled solo once and did not have much … Continue reading Stressed in Stresa