A Once-in-a-Lifetime Hike

The hike I am going to talk about does not promise staggering heights as say the Himalayas but it does end on a note of staggering beauty. The kind of beauty that is all natural. Not fenced in since the Norwegians are not paranoid about safety. They leave the environment to itself, being wholly dedicated to … Continue reading A Once-in-a-Lifetime Hike

Wanderlust the Smart Way

There is this spark in my husband’s eyes whenever he redeems his airline miles or acquires free nights in hotels in various locations in the world. That spark is an outcome of a clever collection of air miles and hotel loyalty points. Those two components, through a series of permutations and combinations, add magic to … Continue reading Wanderlust the Smart Way

Sublimely Yours, Sintra

Two centuries before I trudged up the densely wooded hills of Serra de Sintra, the mountains of Sintra that is, the ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ Lord Byron had spent time falling in love with its ‘variegated maze of mount and glen’. My arrival in the foothills of Portugal’s resort town and former royal … Continue reading Sublimely Yours, Sintra

Beyond Fashion in Milan

I had gone to one of the world’s fashion capitals with a pre-conceived notion. In my mind, I had seen women dressed to make me swoon with wonder at the sharpness of their fashionable sensibility. Well, as does happen with most exaggerated versions that live in the imagination, I found that the women wear their clothes … Continue reading Beyond Fashion in Milan

In the Lisbon State of Mind

If you have not been to Europe yet and you had to choose one place to go for that wonderful laidback way of life, the precious old-world charm, narrow cobbled streets, baroque street lamps from another century, Lisbon is It. Gnarled women sit at doorsteps knitting away but hurriedly put them away to examine strangers, … Continue reading In the Lisbon State of Mind

The Uncanny Welsh Story

I do not essentially believe in the supernatural. Even though I have grown up loving the thrill of those stories that make you curl up with dread and lie ramrod stiff on the bed at night. Most of my supply of stories came from the jhuli (Bengali for bag) of my father’s friend. He used to arrive … Continue reading The Uncanny Welsh Story