Postcard from Venice

This is the day we got married and we are spending the day recollecting the crazy happiness of the day while roaming the foggy, shivery streets of Venice. In the photo, behind us stood a gondolier on his beautiful, black shining gondola.

Now five years ago we were preparing ourselves up for our big Indian marriage. Tons of our loved ones around us, we did the wedding march around the fire seven times with my family’s grinning priest who has seen me grow up. He peppered up the wedding rites with cute wisecracks and made it informal and really very happy.

Us from the wedding night

From immature years of dating to getting married, we have grown so much in these five years that it is a pleasure to look back and count our blessings. Especially when you have a partner who becomes your family. Your everything really. Can it get better than when you do it in a romantic and charming city?

We are in its spell. Once night creeps in, the magic doubles itself. What are your thoughts about the city?


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