Sweet Autumnal November, I Was Waiting For You.

I have a natural affinity for November. I was born on the 9th day of the month. With the passing of this day every year, I spot tangible changes in myself. Physically and mentally. It is a bouquet of mixed emotions. Wisps of grey hair, fine lines upon the forehead, a wistfulness that the years are going by in a jiffy, the recognition that I am changing as a person too. Subtle changes. Like how I used to love being social. Now I am content in the company of my husband, the geese and the squirrels (they who have taken the place of the English sheep and horses). The gulls have started arriving too. And it would be terribly amiss of me if I did notΒ tell you about Yah Yah, the shaggy Great Bernese I meet almost every other day when she returns like a frisky girl with the wind in her black and white locks, her tongue lolling out a cheery how do you do. If you believe that canines could beam, Yah Yah does as she presses her big beautiful body against mine, and I coo to her as I proceed to gather clumps of her hairs on my running gear. Could I have any quibbles with life?

And there are the colours at their ripest best outside the windows, drying away in sunshine so liquid, as I write. Suddenly autumn has unleashed her uncommon splendour upon us. I noticed it last weekend when we drove into a town called Monteclair at the foot of the Watchung Mountains, which might be called mountains, but are really low-lying volcanic ridges covered with thick vegetation. In this town which the British settlers from Connecticut adopted for their own in the mid-1600s, and in which the Dutch arrived eventually, buying land off the Lenape Native Americans who hunted there, we had exquisite Thai food and shivered in the wind as we walked about its streets lined with old Tudor facades, now-desolate theatres framed in timber and episcopal churches with medieval touches in stone.

Closer home, the trees along the avenue on which we live, have turned colours. With all the wind that the gods seem to breathe our way, they are shedding leaves in twirls of golden yellows and russets. It is a most heartwarming sight. Kicking those piles of leaves in the air, even more so. Then, bringing bunches home to Adi’s amusement, to be pressed into the pages of books, and some to curl up at leisure on the dining table. Simple are the pleasures of life on this earth and I could ask for no better.

A sea of clouds bound for somewhere and touching upon us on the way
I bring to you some vignettes from the parks of Bayonne





Evenings by the Hudson



Scenes from Montclair, a New Jersey township…








  • BillGFL

    Such joy in the beauty of God’s creation! Interesting that this post came the same day we arrived here in Waynesboro, VA as we explore the area for our new home. The explosions of color around us here in the mountains are similar to what you are finding along the Hudson. Thank you for such a visual treat!

    • dippydottygirl

      You are quite so welcome. Nature is the best gift mankind has. Unfortunately we are yet to come to terms about how to respect it, and we take time, but surely we shall get there.

      The mountains of Virginia as your new home sound grand. Cheers and all the best!

  • Sarah

    Yes dogs can smile πŸ˜‰ And I’m currently doing the same with leaves! Autumn is the most charming season I think.
    Happy birthday by the way 😊

    • dippydottygirl

      So we have more than the fan in common πŸ™‚ Thanks Sarah! Love and hugs, fellow leaf-collector and autumn lover. xxx

  • thewonderer86

    Happy Birthday Dippy! I think dogs beam all the time. Talking about the small pleasures in life, they have got it sussed. Reading this post it suddenly struck me that you might like a book by Annie Prolux – ‘Barkskins’ – I’ve just started reading it and it’s fab.

  • Natasha

    Happy Birthday Arundhati! What a beautiful season to be born into πŸ‚πŸƒπŸŒΈπŸπŸŽ‹ one of my favourites indeed and yes, how could I forget that splendid Spring is a cherished one too!

    Back to your blog after eons and such a treat to the eyes and soul. Thank you.
    I hear you on that bit about spending more time with the family, than the rest of the world
    Have a blissful life always.β™₯️

    • dippydottygirl

      Hiya Natasha, yes it has been some time, so thanks for coming back. Also, thank you for the sweet words too and empathising. I hope you have a lovely weekend and end of the year. xx

  • josypheen

    Happy Birthday!

    You were born in such a lovely golden time of year! I love that you take the time to notice and appreciate it. I hope your next year will be full of joy and wonder (as well as squirrels and geese!) πŸ™‚

    • dippydottygirl

      Hey Josy, thank you. I was born in a golden time of the year, in a land that was very gold, but not with leaves. It is again the nature of travel I suppose that it brings you to places where you can see trees fold up for the season, but in a most poetic way. Naturally every fibre of my being soaks it up. Thank you for the squirrel-ly and geese-y wishes. Sending love and wishes for a beautiful weekend. xx

  • InspiresN

    Happy birthday my dear !!Wonderful to have it fall on a Friday to have an extended weekend celebration πŸ™‚ what a great time of the year, I love it as well ! Magnificent captures .!!.

    • dippydottygirl

      Thank you Caroline. πŸ™‚

      There has to be some give. Heh. Though I think autumn is all too fleeting. Trust you have been good. xx

  • Sheree

    Apologies! Very, very belated birthday wishes and I’m quite sure you don’t look older, merely more interesting, and beautiful!

    Fabulous fall colours in your lovely photos.

    • dippydottygirl

      Aw thanks, Sheree. Mighty nice of you. It is conflicting to feel old, but at the same time I am not too cut up about it. It is nice to age slowly when you have your love by your side. But I do wonder about how the years have wings.

      As for fall, it came and left like a shooting star. xx

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