“Don’t look now,’ said John to his wife, ‘but there are two old girls two tables away, looking at me all the time. I don’t like it. There’s something very strange about their eyes.’ The wife, Laura, turned and saw what she saw and laughed as she commented that they were two men actually. He said: … Continue reading Torcello

Candy is Dandy in Burano

I have fallen for bright accents of colour on doors and windows of whitewashed stone cottages in Cornish villages, on the streets of Lisbon with the brilliant (and sometimes faded) blue of the azulejos, colourful house fronts and yellow, green and red vintage trams, in the gaggle of houses that climb up the cliffy villages in the Cinque Terre and then on … Continue reading Candy is Dandy in Burano


Dear virtual friends, Here is a tag that I am taking part in because, well, it is fun to indulge in a bit of trivia at times. And when that trivia happens to be about you, the narcissistic head (come on admit it, we all have a bit of Narcissus in us) rears up. I … Continue reading Tagged!

A Spell Called Venice

A thick fog lay over Venice. We were bemused. Was our time in the city of the ancient Veneti people going to be all about climactic doom n’ gloom? But may I confess this that I was a bit thrilled. I am enchanted by fog. I find my imagination stoked by the very suggestion of mysteriousness … Continue reading A Spell Called Venice