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    These Autumnal Days of Sudden Beauty

    It has been a warm September. Every time that I walked to the nearest stores, which are admittedly 10 blocks away, I felt my pores opening up to the heat, trickles of perspiration coursing down the back. But yesterday, unexpectedly, there was a nip in the air. A beautiful evening had finally arrived. All I could do was bask in its breezy charm, let the breeze ruffle my hair and alongside rush through the rows of trees towering over me as it spoke to my senses in some strange tongue. Psithurism. Sonic and haunting. If there is heaven, it is to be found in the music of nature. In the…

  • Britain,  North America

    Northampton to New York!

    This is a shot from a certain October sunset from 2012 when we had gone on a glamping trip to Cornwall. Who would have known that the signs were there somewhere. Adi has a bit of the blues but I am bloody excited. I am ready to meet the world in New York. See you from the other end of the pond, my lovely readers.

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    When Doris Came Visiting

    Doris was moody. She almost plucked the ponytail off my head for daring to mess with her. As I ran past her, my large headphones on my ears and Cohen crooning into them, a school girl giggled at me as she almost seemed to say, “Look at crazy Doris.” Ooh, Doris was icy alright and she showed me an entire range of emotions in the matter of a couple of hours. I am talking about the storm that hit our good ol’ blighty with gusts going up to 100mph. What did you think?

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    My Cosy Corner of the World

    Every time my husband, Adi, and I come back home with our strolleys, open the door and lay our eyes on the pub signs hanging off the walls of our short entrance corridor, the heart sighs. Almost audibly. That wonderful feeling of letting go, ah. I throw myself on the sheepskin fur sitting on our couch and flop back with happiness. I look around and let the eyes wander for ‘the eye has to travel’ as fashion editor Diana Vreeland puts it. There is much for the eye to take in, in our apartment. For our home decor is at the other spectrum of minimalism. Would I care for a fridge bare…